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 Judy Fitzepatrick
Founder of The Client Getting Engine
Director Of Lead Generation

Having joined LinkedIn in 2008, like most, I fumbled around trying to maximise the potential of this powerful business resource. After much trial and error, I sought out training from the “best of the best” and am proud to deliver real results for clients.


LS CertifiedLinkedSelling Certified Consultant, and Linkedin marketing specialist I founded The Client Getting Engine with one purpose – to consistently generate qualified leads, appointments and new business for our clients.

GIM book

Amazon Best Selling Author:  Global Impact Makers

As one of 8 entrepreneurs featured in this book, we dedicated our time and resources to make this publication happen with 100% of royalties from retail sales, pledged to the Children’s Aid Society, a charity that believes all children, no matter what zip code they call home, should have limitless opportunities to achieve and realise their potential.  This book is full of tips and insights from professionals who are actually in the trenches working hard every day and willing to share that expertise to benefit a great cause and the success of individuals, teams and corporate organisations.

At The Client Getting Engine, We help our clients systematically convert cold prospects into warm leads.

Plenty of businesses see the vast opportunity that exists within LinkedIn, but few are actually doing anything about it.

We’ve found that most organisations either don’t have the know how or resources available to effectively execute a LinkedIn marketing campaign the right way.

We provide you with 2 options:

1.  Gold:  Let us do it for you. Our highest impact, hands on custom campaign: $2999/mo

2.  Silver:  Managed campaign using automation technology:  Starting at $999/mo

Our clients are from all kinds of businesses (large and small) including manufacturing, construction, IT, real estate, business consulting, software development and sales, marketing, banking, entertainment, accounting, payment processing, and more, spanning the globe.

Plenty of businesses see the vast opportunity that exists within LinkedIn, but few are actually doing anything about it.

We’ve found that most organisations either don’t have the resources available to do it themselves, or more commonly don’t have the in-house expertise to execute a LinkedIn marketing campaign the right way.  

Let us do it for you.

We started using LinkedIn in 2008 and have since built 3 businesses utilising the same philosophy and principles that we put in place for our clients.

We’re not your run of the mill LinkedIn consultants or trainers. We have actually grown businesses using LinkedIn, both for our own companies and our clients.  We walk the walk.

We understand the corporate marketing and sales process, and how to leverage it within LinkedIn to help you generate many more leads.

If you’re interested in hiring us to develop  and manage a strategic LinkedIn marketing and lead gen campaign, please click here to get the conversation started.

About Our Clients

We help B2B companies get in front of dramatically more prospects, generate more leads and increase sales.  The minimum value of a sale/new client is worth thousands.  Our clients understand that 99.9% of their prospects can be reached on LinkedIn, and we help to design a campaign to not only reach them, but build lasting relationships.

Our clients know that marketing requires a focus on both short and long term objectives.  They also know that no marketing tactic can be effective in a silo.  That’s why we insist on integrated campaigns that don’t just focus on LinkedIn, but also leverage email, content, webinars and more.